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CPG / FMCG – International

Avento offers an International CRM Solution (“Avento Fearless Leader”), specialized for the CPG/FMCG-market, both for sales and field service.

CPG stands for Consumer-Packaged Goods. FMCG stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

Avento Fearless Leader is based on international standard Future Proof Technologies, and runs on any device, from smartphone, tablet to PC and the major operating systems Android/iOS/Windows. No internet is required. The synchronization of data and meta-data goes automatically, therefore no concerns.

Producers of Food, Drinks and Non-food products, both for Retail and Out Of Home, as well as multi-brand Field Execution Agencies, find within Avento Fearless Leader the perfect point of sales solution for planning, execution and analytics.

Avento Fearless Leader allows to plan the field activities in a very optimized way, on 1 hand to take care of point of sales priorities and highest potential, and on the other to optimize the travelling efficiency of the field agent. Several techniques for optimized route planning are available.

Avento Fearless Leader offers field operators a complete tool set to execute their field activities, with typical functionalities like store checks, share of shelf measuring, order taking, surveys, sales actions and much more. Artificial Intelligence helps the field operators to speed up their work and make it more precise.

Avento Fearless Leader generates actionable business insight analytics to measure both retail and out of home performance, as well as field execution efficiency of the field operators.

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Fearless Leading in the Field

The key to successful growth is to spend more time (and better quality time) with your customer. Avento ensures that you have access to all your data at any time, in any place, offline as well as online. That enables you to spend the right time with the right customer.

Avento aims to get users out of their office and into the field as much as possible. This will allow you to manage your sales, service & maintenance, stock management, admininstration, etc. on site, resulting in more sales time and hence better sales figures.

It also ensures efficient and reliable interaction between your office and field sales teams at all times.

In fearless fashion, the Avento solutions will guide your team through your digital transformation and defy all weathers to achieve 100% user adoption.


Our USP's

Explorer of new horizons and pioneer in digital transformation, that is Avento. We want customers to get on the road and use our Avento Fearless Leader solution effectively and fearlessly in their working environment.

We go beyond just supplying software. We provide a complete and specialised CGP/FMCG-Field Execution System.



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What if everyone only ate white chocolate?
What if everyone only ate white chocolate?

Yes, what if… It would have a major impact. According to Wikipedia, Belgians eat an impressive 8.7 kilograms every year or 3 bars per week. In the Netherlands, this mounts up to a respectable 4.7 kilograms. A limitation to white chocolate would create a gigantic organizational puzzle for the sector. Or what if we would start drinking 9 cups of coffee per day instead of 3? Such giant fluctuations in usage are very rare.

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Avento is unique and inimitable: we are an ®
Avento is unique and inimitable: we are an ®

Spread the word: we now have a protected brand name. Even our baseline ‘Fearless leading in the field’ may never be copied. That makes sense, right? We’re in the line of fire for strong and registered brands such as Duvel, Van Marcke, AA Drinks, Bekaert Deslee, Gouden Carolus, BNP Paribas, … But we would leave our own name and baseline unprotected?

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No more problems with your devices, thanks to the field service solutions
No more problems with your devices, thanks to the field service solutions

Even during these times of Corona, Avento has been working hard. We recently held a digital round table about our Field Service solution. Appliances such as taps, water softeners and coffee machines require maintenance. With the Field Service solution, you can detect problems before they occur, and deal with them efficiently on location.

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Avento has a whole host of loyal customers thanks to our approach and experience.